Book of Santa slot machine

The bright Book of Santa slot will not leave indifferent fans of slot machines, especially on the eve of the New Year holidays. Santa’s book beckons with a homely atmosphere and comfort. The interface is designed in the form of a slightly burning fireplace, inside which game symbols fall out. The musical accompaniment of the slot deserves special attention. It completely immerses the player on Christmas Eve and gives exceptionally pleasant emotions.

book of santa

Book of Santa Slot Rules

Book of Santa consists of a reel with 15 playing fields – three vertically and five horizontally. On each of them, after scrolling, one of the symbols of the slot will fall out. Your task is to collect the best combinations. This is what financial success depends on.

The machine is as simple as possible. In addition to the gaming zone, the slot interface contains only a few indicators and active buttons. The account balance is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. But at the bottom left – the transition to the settings. Plus three buttons: the number of lines played, the face value of the coin and the amount of the bet. All these indicators can be customized to your liking.

autoplay settings
autoplay settings

In the lower right corner is the spin button. Here you can also set the turbo mode or the automatic mode of scrolling the drum.


As in most slots, the symbols in Book of Santa can be divided into standard and special. The former are found in many games and are cheaper at face value. But special symbols are characteristic only for a particular game.

symbols and payouts
Symbols and payouts

The usual Book of Santa symbols are card 10, J, Q, K, A. Of course, they are stylized as candy or gift Santa symbols. The special symbols of the slot include:

  • Sled;
  • Star;
  • Bell;
  • Santa;
  • Santa book.

The face value of card symbols ranges from 0.05 coins to 1.5 coins. As for the symbols, they have a gradation of payouts. For the Sleigh and the Star, you can get from 0.05 (2 symbols fell out) to 7.5 (when 5 Sleigh or Star symbols fell out). Further on the same system Bell from 0.05 to 20. Santa Claus from 0.01 to 50. Santa’s book from 0.2 to 20.

Santa Claus is the symbol of the Wild. It has a double function. It can replace any other symbol on the playing field. And start the bonus game.

Lines and combinations

The player can choose the number of paylines and in what ways the symbols will be taken into account in the combination. It can be 10 lines, or it can be only three (three horizontal lines of the reel) or even one (the central horizontal line of the reel). Of course, the more lines, the more chances to win. However, the price of such a victory will be less. That is, with 1 – 3 pay lines, you will be less likely to win by combinations. But the winnings will be higher.

pay lines in the slot
Pay lines in the slot

Ordinary card symbols will play only when three of the same symbols appear in one of the lines. Special symbols play already from two. Let’s also not forget about the symbol of Santa himself, which is Wild. Santa Claus can replace any other if necessary. But in itself it is quite valuable. Three Santas will double your bet, four Santas will give you x20, and five (maximum) will give you x200 of your bet.

Bonus game

From three Santa Claus symbols brings the user the opportunity to win in the bonus game. The player receives 10 free spins. With this course of these ten spins, he can win a few more free spins. To do this, again, you need three or more Santa symbols.

book of santa bonus round
Book of santa slot machine

For free spins, you can earn a good amount of money. At the very beginning of the bonus game, one symbol must be selected. When dropped, it will expand to the entire reel, increasing the chances of playing a combination three times.

The bonus game can also be purchased. The price will depend on the extension symbol. It is logical that the more expensive the symbol itself, the more expensive the acquisition of the bonus round will be. For example, the bonus game with the 10 symbol can be taken for x76 of the initial bet. And the same with the symbol A for x86.

Risk Game

Another good option for additional income in Book of Santa is the risk game. After each win, an active card button appears in the lower left corner. Thanks to it, you can double your current winnings or even increase it by 4, 8, 16 times.

In the risk game, five hole cards will appear on the gaming table. One will open the slot. Your task is to guess the highest card out of the remaining four. If you succeeded, then out of a win of 40 conventional units you will receive 80 and you will be able to continue playing the risk game. To repeat the same feint and pick up already 160. If you don’t want to risk too much, take the money and continue to spin the slot reel.


How to win at Book of Santa

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage in Book of Santa slot is a high 96%. Therefore, it is quite possible to win here. What needs to be done for this? First, practice before playing for real money.

Demo game for free

Most casinos offer a free demo version of Santa’s Book. Visually, it is no different from the version of the game for money. It’s just that here you get a virtual currency, the loss of which threatens nothing.

In demo mode, you can feel the slot, see how certain combinations fall out, play with the number of lines and even try out some strategies. In general, choose the best option for yourself. And then start playing the Book of Santa slot for real money.

Game Tips

If you cannot catch any combination for a long time, increase the bet amount. The win will come sooner or later. But by doubling the bet, you will not only beat off previous losses, but also go into plus.

Play the risk game, but don’t risk too much. The risk game is a great way to increase your winnings and is well worth playing. But don’t get too carried away. Remember that one loss in the risk game will close your previous victories and leave you with nothing. Having pulled out the highest card twice, also think twice whether it is worth tempting fate a third time.

Change strategies, number of paylines and bet amount if the game is not going well. But don’t do it too often. The old approach can work once you change it. Have patience and just enjoy the process. Then the winnings will not go anywhere from you.

Summarizing what has been said:

  1. Change bet amounts and strategy from time to time;
  2. Play the bonus round and risk game;
  3. Practice on the demo version of the Book of Santa slot.

Pros and cons of the slot

Positive associations are caused by the design of the Book of Santa slot. It is pleasing both visually and musically. In terms of capital gain, Santa’s Book is also a good option. RTP 96%, the presence of a bonus game and the risk game – there is where to turn around. The game is simple and understandable even for a beginner. There are few symbols, as well as combinations. The number of pay lines can be adjusted. This is also an interesting plus.

Pros of Book of SantaCons of Book of Santa
Atmosphere and DesignFew symbols
Bonus gameNo Jackpot
risk game
High RTP
Setting up paylines

For some experienced users, the simplicity of Book of Santa may seem overkill. There are no complex combinations and game options. And the design, although pleasant, but simple and concise. So the pros of Book of Santa can turn into cons for some players. However, for beginners, Santa’s Book is a great option for a gaming slot. In it, you can understand the mechanics of slot machines, learn how to read the game, and even win real money.

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