Midas Golden Touch Free Play

According to legend, King Midas turned everything around into gold with just a touch of his hand. So the Midas Golden Touch slot offers you to get rich thanks to the magical property of the character of Greek myths. The game is designed in the classic style of slot machines on the theme of Ancient Hellas. Corresponding colors are also selected – combinations of red, white, green and yellow gold. The music takes you to the atmosphere of the pathetic celebration of the royal court.

The game control is implemented in a minimalist style. Just a few buttons and indicators – manual spin, automatic mode, adjustable bet amount and balance.

midas golden touch free play

Look for the golden touch on five reels in three rows. There are 15 pay lines on 15 game cells. All of them can be viewed before the start of the spins by clicking the “Cup” button in the left corner at the bottom of the game screen. The full rules of the slot are nearby – in the form of the “List” button.

How to play Midas Golden Touch

Spin the reels and bet on winning combinations in lines. This is considered any combination where there will be at least three identical symbols. However, it is important that the report comes from the first reel. It sets the starting point.

playing field

Midas Golden Touch Symbols

The symbols of the slot are not too original. In addition to the “card” 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, the game features the Casket, Cup, Necklace, King Midas, Magic hands of the king. The hands also act as the Wild symbol. And the gate to the Acropolis plays the role of Scatter.

As usual, card symbols are of lower value. Three “9” or “10” – 1 coin, four – 2, five – 5. This is followed by “J” with values of 1 – 2 – 6 coins for 3 – 4 – 5 symbols, respectively. “Q” is rated as 1 – 2.5 – 6.5, “K” as 1 – 2.5 – 7, and “A” as 1 – 2.5 – 7.5.

The gap between the values of low and high symbols is significant. Which is not typical for all slots. Please note that for three Caskets the player will receive 3 coins, for four – 5, and for five – 15. The Cup is valued at 4 – 6 – 20, the Necklace as 5 – 7 – 25. The most expensive symbols are the king himself and his hands. Three of these will give you 10 coins, four – 20, and five – 75 coins. It is easy to understand that the emphasis should be on expensive symbols.

Midas hands, acting as the Wild symbol, can also multiply paylines. One symbol will double the win, two will multiply the win by four, three will multiply it by eight. Four hands in a payline are x16, and five are x32.

free demo version of the slot

Bonus game

To participate in the King Midas bonus game, you need to catch at least three Gate symbols. For such a combination, the player will receive 10 free spins. If there are four Scatters, then 15 spins will appear, and five Gate symbols will turn into 20 free spins.

If three Scatters appear again in the bonus game, the player will receive an additional +10 spins to the already credited spins.

The bonus game features the “Sticky Spin” feature. Prize combinations are fixed when you stop, and the reels continue to spin. This happens until a new winning combination appears. This feature allows you to win more thanks to the Midas Golden Touch bonus game .

bonus round

How to win the Midas Golden Touch

There is no special secret to win in the slot. As with most games of chance, it will require banal luck and patience. Since the risk of playing in Midas is not presented, the main win falls on the bonus round. All emphasis should be placed on him.

The Midas Golden Touch Free Play feature is also a great recommendation. To play the slot for free, you should use the demo function. The demo mode of the game is offered by all casinos and platforms where the slot is presented. This version of the game for free will allow you to understand the mechanics of the slot, see and understand combinations, play with bets and strategies. Given the virtual currency that the game is played in demo mode, the experience gained will be free. Therefore, it will definitely not become superfluous when switching to playing for real money. After all, there is no room for error.

The return to player percentage in the slot is a relatively standard 96.1% for the market. The maximum winning amount is x10100 of the initial bet. The minimum bet will be 0.1 coins, and the maximum bet will be 100 coins.

So what to remember:

  • play the demo version of the game;
  • change strategy after victories;
  • focus on the bonus round;
  • We reduce the stakes after big wins.

Pros and Cons of Midas Golden Touch Slot

It must be admitted that the theme of the Midas Golden Touch Free Play slot is already a little fed up. The game does not impress lovers of novelty and originality. Even the symbols of the slot are corny standard and do not catch. Precious boxes, necklaces, cups – all this has already been. And it wasn’t just once.

Apart from the bonus game, winning a decent amount on the slot is also not easy. The implementation of pay lines is quite difficult. Many spins end in nothing. And there is no way to recoup at the expense of the risk game.

At the same time, the bonus game itself can become an outlet. “Sticky spin” will allow you to increase winning combinations with each new spin again and again. And if at the same time you still catch additional free spins thanks to the Scatter already directly in the bonus round, then you can “collect” a really decent amount.

Pros of Midas Golden TouchCons of Midas Golden Touch
The presence of a bonus roundBored theme
Good RTPboring characters
No doubling game

Thus, we can state that it is the bonus round that makes a rather ordinary game noticeable. When playing Midas Golden Touch Free Play in demo or for real money, in no case do not abandon the slot before hitting the bonuses. Otherwise, you will miss the most interesting.

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