Mongol Treasure slot machine by Endorphina

Mongol Treasure is a fairly simple slot that is good for beginners. There are only five reels in three lines on the game screen. The action takes place on the steppe plains of Inner Mongolia to calm and measured music. You will find yourself in an atmosphere of mystery and adventure.

In the left right corner is the account balance. On the right are buttons for viewing information about the value of characters, adjusting the sound, expanding to full screen and pausing. At the bottom of the screen on the left are buttons for settings, as well as for choosing the number of lines to play, the coin denomination and the bet amount. In the lower right corner, you can set the turbo spins mode (so that the reels spin faster), automatic mode and manual spin activation.

mongol treasure

Rules of the game

The rules of Mongol Treasure correspond to the principles of slots and consist in collecting winning combinations. The more and the better the combinations, the bigger the winnings. You can multiply it thanks to the risk game after each win, also in the bonus round. To hit it, at least three Scatter symbols must appear on the screen.

Lines, Combinations, Symbols

The slot offers the player to choose the number of lines to be played (the button at the bottom left of the screen). By default, there are 10, but you can reduce this number even to one line (a central horizontal line of 5 characters). In this case, the chances of winning with each spin will be much less. However, the winnings will be much larger. That is, the player will win less often, but more profitable.

Combinations in Mongol Treasure are counted from the symbol on the first reel. To be considered a winning combination, you need to get at least three low value symbols or two high value symbols in a row.

mongol treasure play

The symbols of the Mongol Treasure slot are few and simplified, which also makes the game rather strict and concise. There is a standard set of card symbols here – from 10 to A. They are low value symbols and require a minimum of three in a row to win. However, there is still some gradation. So, for 10, J and Q in the amount of three pieces, the player will receive 5 coins, for 4 such symbols in a row – 25, and for 5 – 100. But K and A are quoted as 5 – 40 – 150 coins for 3, 4 and 5 symbols, respectively.

High value symbols include three knight symbols of different suits. Brown and Black Horse are valued at 5 coins for 2 symbols, 30 for 3, 100 for 4 and 750 for 5 symbols. The white horse goes in the amount of 5 – 40 – 400 – 2000, respectively. The symbol of the master of the Mongol is the most expensive. Two Mongols are valued at 10 coins, three at 100, four at 1000, and five at 5000 coins.

The Mongolian princess is the most original symbol of the Mongol Treasure game. The fact is that it is both Wild and Scatter at the same time. The first means that the princess can replace any symbol that is not enough for a winning combination and form it. Second, it is the key to the bonus game. To enter the bonus round, you need to land at least three Princess symbols on the playing field.

symbols and bets

Mongol Treasure Bonus Game

For three or more Scatter symbols, the player receives a bonus round of the game. He gets 10 free spins. Moreover, if this happens again in the bonus round, the client will receive another +10 spins as a gift.

The advantage of the bonus game is that you do not place a bet per spin and do not lose your money. But the most important thing is the cascading expansion of symbols. For example, the symbol of the White Horse covers not one vertical line, but all three. Thanks to this, the chances of a winning combination increase significantly. And almost every spin brings the player a net profit. After completing the free spins, the player will see the total amount of winnings in the bonus round. If this amount seems small, you can double it in the risk game.

risk game

The risk game is the same for all Endorphina slots. You can play it after each winning combination after the spin or after the bonus round. To do this, activate the button with the map icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

The meaning of the risk game is to choose cards blindly. There are five closed cards on the table (from a deck of 54). The slot chooses one of them first. The player then takes this step. If the player’s card is higher, then his winnings are doubled. The game can be continued by doubling the new win. That is, from the original it will grow by 4 times. However, everything will be lost if the opponent’s card is higher. The risk game lives up to its name – it’s either hit or miss.

mongol treasure bonus game
Bonus game

If the cards are the same, then the round will not count and the game will continue.

How to win in Mongolian Treasures slot

The maximum win for 1 spin is x5000 of the initial bet. With an RTP of 96%, this is not too high. There is no jackpot in the game, that is, hitting the jackpot will not work either.

Nevertheless, it is possible to win relatively good sums of money in Mongol Treasure. Of course, the main source of profit here is the bonus game. There it is really possible to raise a good amount due to cascades. But getting into the bonus round is not so easy. Sometimes you need to spin the reels more than a hundred times.

To stay with a positive balance before entering the bonus game, do not disdain the risk of playing. If you bet 10 and won only 5, it makes sense to take a risk in order to at least stay on your own. Moreover, you can withdraw money by refusing to choose your card, even after seeing the slot card. If you have to play against the “Queen” or “King”, then it is better to leave the round. But if the opponent has “3” or “4” – it is quite logical to take a risk.

Don’t forget also about the demo version of the game, which you can play for free. After playing for virtual currency in the training mode, you will be able to gain the experience necessary for victories without spending a single penny of your money. Free Demo version of Mongol Treasure is available at all casinos where the slot is presented.

So, to win in Mongol Treasure, you need:

  1. Try out the demo version before playing for real money.
  2. Don’t be afraid to play the risk game, but don’t get carried away with it.
  3. Try to get the most out of the bonus round.
  4. Pause the game after big wins.

Pros and cons of the game

For experienced players, Mongol Treasure may seem a bit rustic. There are no too big wins and multifaceted combinations of various symbols. Visual effects are also done at a basic level. And the color scheme is dominated by pastel yellow and brown tones of the monotonous steppe.

Pros of Mongol TreasureCons of Mongol Treasure
The presence of a bonus gameBoring gameplay
Doubling gameMinimum original characters
Good RTPNo big wins outside of the bonus round

At the same time, the stakes are also small, and the bonus game and the risk game provide an opportunity to earn. Laconic design and simple content provides the beginner with the most important thing – an understandable gameplay. It does not overload with unnecessary information and allows you to play in a calm mode, without emotional swings and breakdowns. Maybe you won’t win an exorbitant amount of money with the Mongol Treasure slot. But in the worst case, you will lose at least.

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