Slot Wild Bandito

The Mexican theme is not very popular in slots. However, the Wild Bandito slot implements exactly this theme. And implements quite atmospheric. This applies to both musical accompaniment and visual effects. Since chronologically the game refers to the celebration of the Day of the Dead, the color scheme gravitates toward dark tones. This conveys the mood and at the same time does not overload the eye with the extra colorful variety inherent in many slots.

However, it is difficult to call Wild Bandito a gloomy slot . The Mexican symbols of the maracas, the bandit in the sombrero and the pina colada create a certain charm of a festive adventure.

wild bandito slot

Wild Bandit Slot Rules

The player will have to collect winning combinations (on 1024 pay lines) on a field of 20 cells. These are five reels in four pay lines. The main win usually falls on the bonus round. There are cascading wins available and a Joker feature on the way.

In general, the maximum win can be x25,000 of the initial bet . And you can bet from 0.2 to 20 euros or their equivalent in another currency at a time.

wild bandito slot machine

Wild Bandito symbols

In addition to the card symbols 10, J, Q, K, A, in the game we will see Maracas, Pinacolada, Guitar, Bandit with a revolver in a sombrero, Crossed revolvers and Three skulls.

Skulls play the role of Scatter. Three Scatters trigger the bonus game round. Crossed revolvers are the Wild symbol. They allow you to replace any missing character for a combination. For example, you have three Maracas symbols in a line, one – 10 and Wild. In this case, Wild will be calculated as Maracas. You will receive four of these symbols and your bet will be multiplied by 20.

Each symbol has its own value. The cheapest is 10. The most expensive is Bandit. The combination will be considered winning if at least three identical symbols appear on the line. Three 10s, like three Js, multiply the original bet by 1, four by 3, and five by 6. Further, according to the same logic, other symbols follow:

  • Q (x2 – x4 – x10)
  • K (x3 – x5 – x12)
  • A (x3 – x5 – x12)
  • Maracas (x5 – x10 – x15)
  • Pina colada (x6 – x15 – x30)
  • Guitar (x8 – x20 – x40)
  • Mexican Bandit (x10 – x25 – x50).

Bonus game round

Since there is no risk game for doubling the winnings in the Wild Bandito slot, it is the bonus game that is the main source of increasing the balance. To enter the bonus round, you need to land at least three Skull symbols in the payline. For this you will get 12 free spins. If there are more Skulls, then for each +Skull the player will be given another +2 free spins.

Cascading wins are a great opportunity to increase the pot several times in just one spin. The idea is that the symbols that have played in the winning combination burn out, and others come in their place. If they play again, they burn out again. And new symbols “fall” in their place again. This continues until there are no winning combinations left on the playing field at all.

Another advantageous feature of the Wild Bandito slot is the presence of “Jokers”. All the symbols that played in the cascade turn into them. First, such symbols get a silver frame, then gold, and then play to the maximum as a Joker in a combination.

How to win the Wild Bandito slot

Any casino client, even a beginner, can win in the Wild Bandito slot. After all, the mechanics of the game and the rules are quite simple. At the same time, the lion’s share of the bank here can be broken on the bonus game. Therefore, try to get into it as often as possible.

Break your game bank proportionally. So that, without taking into account the winnings, your account balance is enough for at least one hundred spins. In such conditions, even having received a “minus” on the first 50 spins, you will catch up later. After all, the RTP of the slot is 96.73%, which is high for the market.

  1. Split your bank proportionately;
  2. Change rates and strategies;
  3. Catch the bonus game;
  4. Pause the game after big wins.

Demo game (free)

Do not hesitate to get experience in demo mode. Almost every casino provides the opportunity to play for virtual money. You don’t have to pay anything for this. But the mechanics of the process to understand and feel is quite realistic. Any game for money should be preceded by a trial approach. And in general, you can understand whether you like this slot or not. It is worth dealing with him or better to look for something more interesting.

Betting limits of the Wild Bandit game

You can bet a maximum of 20 euros at a time in slot Wild Bandito. The minimum bet is 0.2 euros. This is an average for this type of game. But there are more wins. The maximum growth of the initial bet here is at the level of x25000. Not bad, but nothing more.

wild bandito demo play free

Pros and cons of the slot

The advantages of the Wild Bandito slot machine include an interesting non-trivial theme. Egyptian and Greek motifs are already pretty fed up. Therefore, if you want to play something new, then the Wild Bandit is a suitable option. Also, the pluses should include the compliance of the slot with Android and iOS operating systems. It seems that the game was developed more even for mobile devices than for PCs and laptops.

In terms of chances to win and return to player percentage, Wild Bandito will not disappoint you either. But the winnings are not too big. Again, this is a suitable slot for players with strategies “quieter – you will continue.” There is no risk of playing in the slot machine.

Pros of Wild BanditoCons of Wild Bandito
Interesting topicsSmall wins
High RTPPoor adaptation to the big screen
Easy to play on mobileFew original characters
Bonus Round

Game results

Slot Wild Bandito is suitable for beginners of gambling or players who appreciate the originality of the theme. The game is a kind of “golden mean” of the slot, starting from the look and ending with the possibilities. Playing fields are not many and not few. The rules are quite simple, but not completely banal. You can win, but not too much. At the same time, it cannot be said that the game is gray, nondescript and does not stand out in any way. It just fits perfectly into the niche of good quality slots with its own potential audience.

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