Lucky Streak 3

The Lucky Streak slot is the simplest slot machine possible. This applies to all settings. From design and sound to symbols and bonus accruals. The creators of the game were clearly inspired by the ground units of the early nineties. In addition to the charm of time, there is a certain plus in this. This is the maximum simplicity and clarity even for inexperienced beginners. Surely everyone wanted to play the “one-armed bandit” at least once in childhood. This is a great opportunity for those who never made it.

lucky streak 3 demo slot

Game Options

Lucky Streak 3 is a three reel, three line slot. Less simply does not exist in nature. Accordingly, there are only five paylines for payouts in the game. These are three horizontal lines, as well as two oblique lines across.

The volatility of the machine is at an average level, and the RTP (return to player percentage) is 96.01% . Don’t expect big wins. The maximum is x750 of the initial bet.

The control buttons are limited to the active rules and spin buttons at the bottom corners of the screen. It is possible to set the turbo mode for faster rotation of the reels and automatic mode, so as not to manually spin the slot. You can also set the coin denomination and bet amount at the bottom of the screen. That’s all, nothing more.

symbols and lines

Unlike other games, where two to six symbols can play in a winning combination, in Lucky Streak, a priori, the only option with three symbols is possible. The characters themselves are also at a minimum.

Game symbols

There are seven symbols of Lucky Streak 3. These are fruits:

  • Grape;
  • Plum;
  • Lemon;
  • Cherry.

As well as:

  • Bells;
  • Star;
  • Seven.

Fruit symbols are priced minimally. The slot gives 400 coins for three in a row for each of them. More expensive is the Bell – 600 coins, and the Star – 2000 coins. The most expensive is the Lucky Seven. Three “7” will bring the player 7500 coins.

Also, an unexpected bonus is the inscription BAR on the machine. She brings the player 50 coins for a modest “treat”.

Another pleasant surprise is the doubling of the winnings when you manage to collect three identical fruit symbols in a vertical column, whether it be Plum, Lemon, Cherry or Grapes.

Wild and Scatter symbols are not represented in the game. There is simply no place for them here. After all, there are only nine game cells.

play for free

Risk game Lucky Streak 3

Since the absence of the Scatter also hints at the absence of the bonus round, the risk game is the only way to earn outside the basic process. This is a game of doubling, which can be repeated over and over again after each winning spin.

You wager your winnings per spin. The point is to guess the color of the suit of the closed card. If you succeed, your winnings will be doubled. No, it will burn. In this case, the risk game can be repeated several times. We won 20 coins, put them on the line, guessed the card – got 40. We put 40, guessed again – got 80. And so on.

In general, you can practice in the Lucky Streak demo mode. This is a free version of the game to understand the gameplay. You can run a demo version in any online casino where the main version of Lucky Streak is available. The game looks the same. It’s just that bets are placed on virtual currency, which is issued to the client in a fixed amount. This money is worth nothing. And if you run out, just go to the demo version of the slot again.

bonus game
Bonus game

How to win

There is no secret to success in this game. You should practice a little in the demo mode before you start playing for real money. Also increase the bet amount if you can’t win for a long time or the winning combinations come too rarely. At the same time, don’t go all in headlong. It is important that there are funds on the account for at least one hundred spins. Otherwise, you may not wait for your winning spurt.

Also be sure to pay attention to the risk of the game. Multiplying the winnings by 2 or 3 times is a quite suitable option to earn from the wheels. However, don’t get carried away too much. After guessing the color of the card suit a couple of times, return to the base game, taking the winnings. After all, each next attempt may be the last. And then the entire effect of previous hits will come to naught before one failure.

Pros and cons

The Lucky Streak 3 slot is as simple as possible, so it is intuitive for any online casino beginner. Also, the machine has a function of doubling for the vertical reel of identical symbols. Well, the standard risk game should also be included in the category of “pluses”. It is not available in every slot.

Pros of Lucky StreakCons of Lucky Streak
Doubling game Few drums
Good RTPSmall wins
The charm of antiquity No bonus round

But the design and gameplay of the slot leaves much to be desired. Yes, it was made “antique”. However, it looks too clumsy, especially in comparison with modern solutions in the online gaming industry, which has stepped far ahead. Also, the disadvantage of Lucky Streak 3 is the small amount of winnings. It is clearly not to break the jackpot or catch the Jackpot. The game is more suitable for those who like to move gradually and increase the bank step by step. If you are such a player, go ahead. Slot Lucky Streak 3 is made just for you.

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